Jonathan Chun Wai Folk (He/Him) is a 22-year-old, nationally renowned commercial photographer based in Vancouver, B.C. He specializes in architectural, interiors and commercial photography.

Jonathan is equipped with the latest digital photography equipment and specializes in transmitting from the field to meet deadlines. His background in Skills Canada photography competitions has made him a versatile photographer. Whether you need him to cover an event or shoot a portrait, Jonathan brings his artistic vision and expertise to get and deliver the money shot.

At the age of 17, Jonathan founded his business: Jonathan Folk Media. He has since found success through collaborating with corporate clients such as Tourism Richmond, ISHOT Real Estate Media Studios, RF Weddings, Westbank Development, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, etc.

Jonathan is highly mobile and able to go at a moment’s notice. He welcomes new clients and embraces challenges no matter where the location may be.